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Book Printing Services.

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Before we can start creating your quote, we need to know what book size you are using and the number of books you’d like printed.

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Paperback Books

Row Of Books

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Also known as binding or square back binding. A paperback (also known as softback or softcover) can be characterised by the use of thick paper or paperboard cover, and is often held together with glue rather than stitches or staples. A popular form of binding.

Hardback Books

hardback books

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We can provide two types of hardbacks, the short run perfect bound glued as well as thread sewn. By machine sewing folded sections together this can create a stronger bind than perfect binding. However, it is only suitable for printed books. (over 100 copies).

Training Manuals

4d Ring Binder

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This type printing is perfect for reference or training manuals as individual pages are shrink-wrapped, drilled and presented in a ring binder.

Ring binders are a great way to keep your paperwork safe, organised and in pristine condition.


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There are variations available of this binding style with a printed spine. High quality document printing and binding, ideal for proposals, reports and business documents.

Please note on all document binding we offer a 24 hour turnaround service.

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How many copies to print?

It has always been the customer’s dilemma; deciding how many documents to print. With conventional offset litho printing, the cost per document is lower the more copies you print, but it is a false economy to print more copies than you realistically need. With our book printing services we now use the state of the art digital technology we will work with you to come up with a realistic print quantity.

* We offer an  express delivery service (delivered within 3 working days, paperbacks only);

  1. This only applies to paperback books (perfect binding).
  2. The artwork has to be proof approved or supplied as a Print Ready File.
  3. Digital Print Media Limited have confirmed with client a Order Confirmation.
  4. The clock starts ticking the next working day from term number 2 and 3.

For other helpful hints and tips please go to our handy Frequently Asked Questions.

The types of services we offer;

Do you actually know the benefits of Print On Demand ? Or is it just a great marketing myth.

If you have an existing catalogue of products, training manuals, brochures or publications and would like to find out

  • How you can increase response rates.
  • Save you a bit of cash.
  • Whilst increasing your turnover.

Click here to find out more about print on demand

Offering 4 types of binding styles we cater for your every need. High quality document printing and binding, ideal for proposals, reports and business documents. We prepare high quality proposals that will impress your prospects and represent your business in the best way possible. Plus we print and deliver your proposals in a timely manner, never missing a deadline no matter how tight it is.

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We have a international print and distribution network therefore making your print available internationally has never been easier. We no longer print in the UK and export worldwide,  our partnership programme in North America, Japan, Australia and South Africa enables us to combine electronic data libraries for printing, distribution and fulfilment Worldwide.

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Many organisations hold archives of data in book form. In some cases they are valuable historical documents in bound book form such as formal registers, in other cases they may by scientific data or research. Whatever their origin Digital Print Media’s Book scanning service is the key to release this huge knowledge base.

Click here to find out more about our document scanning services

Sell your eBook for iPad, Kindle, NOOK, and Sony Reader.

Get distribution to the hottest eBook retailers in the world. Keep 100% of the royalties! Sign up now for only £199.00

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Becoming a published author immediately positions you ahead of your competition. Making your expertise easily accessible establishes you as an expert in your field…extra credibility that just cannot be beaten. Find out more about our revolutionary Self-Publishing Marketing System.

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